This post will give you the audience ideas coupled with helpful tips on how to start a blog. Some of you may be wondering how to start or even where to start. The most important thing is to find something that you’re most passionate about. Starting a blog is not as hard as you may think. Remember no one is like you and that is your power. Reasons to start a blog can be to gain exposure to existing or new businesses or maybe you just want to write. Below I will provide insight on how I started my journey into the “Blog” world also I will share some tips on how to find your voice.

In 2012, I started my transition to returning to my natural roots also known as going “Natural”. For years I have been very intrigued by “Natural Hair” but unfortunately didn’t have the mindset to actually pursue it. Not only was I not ready to pursue going “Natural” but also I wasn’t completely educated either. Later in the year going into 2013, there was a “Natural Hair” group called (It’s A Natural Thang) that I joined to learn more about caring for my transitioning hair. Being surrounded by other women who were already “Natural” and/or transition, I found the environment to be very liberating as well as inspiring. In addition, being a “Visionary” various thoughts and ideas were dancing in my head most times at night. Moreover, I started thinking about “Natural Hair” not to mention “Fashion”.

Often time people make assumptions about people who tend to walk a different path than others. For instance, those who wear their hair “Natural” folks on the outside have this idea of how “Naturals” dress. Of course, I knew this was far from the truth; therefore, I started to pay close attention to those favorite female artists of mine who wore their hair “Natural”. The first artist that came to mind at that time was Singer/Songwriter Solange. Solange did what is called the “Big Chop” abbreviated (BC) which means cutting off all your hair to start anew. Solange also altered her sense of style and dress. By the same token, the other female artists such as Joi, Lauryn Hill, Angie Stone, Leela James, Avery Sunshine, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Marsha Ambrosius, Sy Smith, Conya Doss, Choklate, Esperanza Spalding, India.Arie etc. all possessed their own unique sense of style fashionably. To say nothing of, this is how I began my journey into “Blogging”.

Here are a few steps to help you start a blog:


Step 1: Decide What You Want To Blog About

Deciding what to the blog about is the most important step you will have to make. Finding your niche` can be sort of difficult. For instance, I knew I wanted to blog about natural hair, fashion, hair care, skincare & celebrating the beauty of black women. In the first place, there wasn’t a clear format on how to execute all the topics I wanted to discuss as well as a feature. As a result,my content was all over the place. Going through my Instagram page and looking at where I was at that time was very humbling. Therefore you must know exactly what it is you want to start a blog. One suggestion is to start a small journal to get your thoughts down on paper so that you can visualize how to proceed.


Step 2: Choose a Blogging Platform

This step is just as important as the first step mentioned above. The idea is to be the new information highway for popular subjects. An example, Veganism and/or Plant-Based diets have become the latest craze within past couple of years. In like manner, if you’re thinking about blogging about how to become a Vegan what information can you offer that would be completely out of the box compared to other blogs that are in the niche`! My suggestion is to do your research on the particular subject that you’re interested in blogging about visiting those websites with the biggest audience. You can be inspired but do not copy.


Step 3: Find a Host

There is various blog host to choose from here are a few sites: WordPress, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Wix, Blogger (via Google) Tumblr & Weebly. My first blog host was courtesy of Blogger which was through Google. If you already have a Googleaccount then you can start a blog using Blogger which is free. Other free popular host sites for blogging are Tumblr, Wix & Weebly. The two sites I would strongly recommend are WordPress & Squarespace. Once my content started to change I graduated from Blogger to WordPress.WordPress is very easy and have 3 affordable annually packages (Personal, Premium & Business) as well as a free package. Squarespace is the host site where I now have my official website they have affordable (Personal & Business) monthly/annually packages.


Step 4: Select Domain Name

Domain Name is another way of saying web address. As mentioned previously my first blog was through Blogger and my web address was NaturallyARockstarr@blogspot .com but I didn’t own this web address Google did. Once I moved my blog to WordPress that’s when I changed my domain name to currently The key is to think of something catchy so that you can be able to share with your potential audience. “Rockstarr” is associated with fashion and “Naturally” because of my natural hair! With sites like WordPress, you can choose your domain name to be either .com or .org.


Step 5: Design Your Blog

Designing your blog is as equally important as the first 4 steps above. The host site of your choice will have various templates that will be ideal for your blog. Select something subtle in colors. For instance,viewing my website the background is white no flashy overbearing colors or fonts. My logo colors are red, black & white. Therefore it’s easy on the eyes. Lastly, your content photos should be clear absolutely no screenshots. Cameras used for “Vlogging” are perfect for either a website or blog. These cameras can be found via Here is a special tip: for free stock photos sites strictly for content posts or even for ideas for a logo visit (Pixabay, IMCreator, PhotoEverywhere, Lookingglass & FancyCrave)!

Social Media Sites are essential to driving traffic to your blog. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat etc. providing the link to your bio on these sites will allow your audience to view your blog.

As someone who was new to the “Natural Hair” community, Blogger/Creator Demetria J. wanted to give birth to a platform that would display all the various ways natural hair and fashion can be just as fashionable as non-natural conformists. As a result, Rockstarr Naturally was created to be known as the new information highway for all upcoming brands related to fashion, hair care & skincare products for natural women. Demetria J. writes and produces weekly content catered to show strength, beauty, and encouragement for all the Melanin-ated beauties of the world. Just to name a few related popular content topics: Melanin Crush Monday, Textured Tuesdays, Wrap It Wednesday, Fashion Fridays along with Slay Saturdays.


She credits her inspiration and creativity to her mother who was her original muse and who helped her to develop her own “authentic” fashion style. As a little girl, Demetria J. always wanted to wear high heels, carry handbags, and polish her nails just like her mother. As she grew up she idolized her mother and would study how her mother would accessorize and dress in her own authentic way. Therefore, Demetria J.’s unique eye for fashion developed and became evident. Join RockstarrNaturally as Demetria J. highlights celebrities and emerging brands on this popular growing platform.