Saint John 316 Apparel & Lifestyle Brand . More than a Clothing Company-

We are more than a brand and you are more than a customer. Together, we represent urban Christian culture that is fashionable, hip, and still love God.

Bearing Witness –

A brand where every design is scripture-inspired, conversation starters, bearing witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Connected to the Urban Christian Community & Beyond –

Saint John 316 Apparel keeps a finger on the pulse of the Urban Christian Community because we don’t just sell a brand, we are a part of the lifestyle.

Whether it’s Gospel Music or preaching the Gospel; we speak the language of the culture and represent a bridge between the pulpit and the street.  

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Love International Tee

$27 (Fur not included)


Faith Hope Love Tee



Faith Hope Love Hoodie


As someone who was new to the “Natural Hair” community, Blogger/Creator Demetria J. wanted to give birth to a platform that would display all the various ways natural hair and fashion can be just as fashionable as non-natural conformists. As a result, Rockstarr Naturally was created to be known as the new information highway for all upcoming brands related to fashion, hair care & skincare products for natural women. Demetria J. writes and produces weekly content catered to show strength, beauty, and encouragement for all the Melanin-ated beauties of the world. Just to name a few related popular content topics: Melanin Crush Monday, Textured Tuesdays, Wrap It Wednesday, Fashion Fridays along with Slay Saturdays.


She credits her inspiration and creativity to her mother who was her original muse and who helped her to develop her own “authentic” fashion style. As a little girl, Demetria J. always wanted to wear high heels, carry handbags, and polish her nails just like her mother. As she grew up she idolized her mother and would study how her mother would accessorize and dress in her own authentic way. Therefore, Demetria J.’s unique eye for fashion developed and became evident. Join RockstarrNaturally as Demetria J. highlights celebrities and emerging brands on this popular growing platform.