Here are some helpful tips on how to start a blog that is "Cutting Edge"!!

  1. CREATE A PLATFORM: As someone newly to the “Natural Hair” community my desire was to create an avenue that infused Fashion & Natural Hair together. During my humble beginnings as a blogger, I began to take notice of some of my favorite female recording artist whom were natural had their own unique sense of Fashion. To say nothing of, these women represented various aspects of fashion: Bohemian, Vintage, Chic, Classy, Rock Star, Urban, Eclectic and Artistic. 

  2. PRODUCE QUALITY CONTENT: Equally important the goal is to have weekly content to give your audience and/or followers something to look forward to. In addition, allow your creativity stand out amongst other brands that possess similar nichè as your brand. For instance, my weekly content includes: Melanin Crush Mondays, Textured Tuesdays, Wrap It Wednesdays, Fashion Fridays & Slay Saturdays.

  3.  BE YOURSELF: Naturally I’ve always gone against the grain and never like to follow the crowd or what is considered the norm. Individuality means everything. As a matter of fact, social media is the perfect arena that allows you to become the game changer.

  4. BE CONSISTENT: In like manner, planning ahead will help you execute your weekly content to stay consistent. On a personal note, I lay out my plan for the week starting on Sundays. With this step, I can research & gather images, graphics, news etc. for the upcoming week.

  5. INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS: Here’s what you need to understand about Instagram, the climate changes every single day. Generally speaking, your “Hashtags” as well as your content have to attract potential followers & business opportunities to your brand. Given these points, there are a few ways to find some of the top tags to add to your posts on Instagram. One site I would like to suggest is “Websta” is a great tool to use for popular Hashtags.  

  6. PROMOTE YOURSELF: As the saying goes: “You have to pay the cost to be the boss”. All things considered, in order to compete in the world of social media monetary sacrifices is going to be made. In the long run, boosting your post will expand your brand to wider audience that can catapult your company to another level. In fact, working with branding team is another source to expand your brand to even higher levels of opportunities.

  7. CLEAR PHOTOS: Screenshots are definitely a (Epic Fail). Let’s be honest viewers can tell your photos are not clear which says you didn’t put forth any effort to attain a clear photo. Trust me I learned this lesson the hard way when I was first starting out. My brand developer told me never to do that again. In essence, Screenshots doesn’t look the least bit professional. Go the extra mile to always attain clear photos you can before posting to your social media sites.

  8. GIVE CREDITS: For celebrity Fashion related content whether:  Music Award Shows including Red Carpets, top Magazine cover features etc. be sure to always give all credits.  What do I mean by “Credits” this includes everyone that was in involved in the creative process. To sum up you list everyone from: photographers, writer, directors, editors, stylists, MUA(make-up artists)hair stylist, producers, manicurist, assistants, the celebrity & magazine company!

  9. MONETIZE: Rule of thumb you have to seek ways of generating money to your brand. By adding a “Shop” section to your site, this can bring more traffic to your company. Course/Services, Master Classes, ebooks, paid reviews, banner add-ons are all effective ways to monetize your site.


As someone who was new to the “Natural Hair” community, Blogger/Creator Demetria J. wanted to give birth to a platform that would display all the various ways natural hair and fashion can be just as fashionable as non-natural conformists. As a result, Rockstarr Naturally was created to be known as the new information highway for all upcoming brands related to fashion, hair care & skincare products for natural women. Demetria J. writes and produces weekly content catered to show strength, beauty, and encouragement for all the Melanin-ated beauties of the world. Just to name a few related popular content topics: Melanin Crush Monday, Textured Tuesdays, Wrap It Wednesday, Fashion Fridays along with Slay Saturdays.


She credits her inspiration and creativity to her mother who was her original muse and who helped her to develop her own “authentic” fashion style. As a little girl, Demetria J. always wanted to wear high heels, carry handbags, and polish her nails just like her mother. As she grew up she idolized her mother and would study how her mother would accessorize and dress in her own authentic way. Therefore, Demetria J.’s unique eye for fashion developed and became evident. Join RockstarrNaturally as Demetria J. highlights celebrities and emerging brands on this popular growing platform.